Star of Life is an electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR) app specifically designed for Emergency Medical Services personnel such as EMTs and paramedics. It tracks a patient through the various stages of handling a patient: Dispatch, Patient Contact, Transport, Hospital, Cleared, and In Service.  

Star of Life has the following features:

•    Password protection of patient information.
•    Multiple assessments per patient.
•    Each assessment includes: patient name, address, date of birth, telephone number, venue, and event; systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and SPO2; chief complaint, clinical impression, medical history, allergies, current medications, treatments, and an extensive narrative.
•    Backup/restore of patient information.
•    Email patient information for recording.
•    Central Administration option that allows an EMS service to provide a file on a web site that has pre-approved text for entering patient history data.
•    Voice dictation of patient medical history.
•    Apple Watch version.

NOTE: Protected Health Information (PHI) as defined by HIPAA may be stored in and/or sent outside your device(s).  It is your responsibility as a user to comply with HIPAA. No claim is made that this app is HIPAA-compliant.Type your paragraph here.