EMS Timers Central allows an EMS service to collect and view patient data from multiple devices running Star of Life.  Patient data is transmitted from Star of Life to EMS Timers Central via email.

The basic app allows the user to collect data from five (5) archives (1-5). In-app purchases allow the user to add another 5 archives (6-10) then another 15 archives (11-25).  The user chooses which archives to collect (for example, one from each device or more than one from each device). There is no identification of the device whose data is being collected.  Instead, the data has the date on which the archive was entered in Star of Life. Once collected, the data is sorted by Provider ID (if a Provider ID was entered by the user of Star of Life).  Deleting an archive allows another archive to be collected without exceeding the allowed number.

Because this app is intended for collecting data entered by Star of Life, in order to prevent alteration of that data, all input into text fields is disabled.